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Tagļ¼š is a next-generation enterprise studio for AI builders to train, validate, tune and deploy AI models. It is powered by new generative AI (gen AI) capabilities and traditional machine learning, providing users with a powerful studio spanning the AI lifecycle. enables builders to bring their own custom foundation models or work with a suite of curated foundation models offered by IBM. The studio offers multi-model variety and flexibility, differentiated client protection, end-to-end AI governance, and hybrid, multi-cloud deployments. Users can leverage foundation models and generative AI with minimal data, advanced prompt-tuning capabilities, full SDK and API libraries, and the full AI model lifecycle with all the tools and runtimes in one place to train, validate, tune and deploy AI models across clouds and on-premises environments. offers several use cases such as creating Q&A resources from a broad knowledge base, analyzing large amounts of data, generating synthetic tabular data, generating content, technology, and code. Additionally, has several MLOps capabilities built-in, including building models visually, end-to-end lifecycle explainability, and fairness, and automating AI model lifecycle from development to deployment. The benefits of include open-source frameworks and tools for code-based, automated, and visual data science capabilities in a secure, trusted studio environment, tuning foundation models for business, and accelerating the full AI model lifecycle. With, businesses can build and deploy conversational AI solutions, improve customer experience, and accelerate generative AI workloads.