AI training model

Entry Point

Efficiently train, manage, evaluate custom large language models without coding.

Entry Point is a modern fine-tuning platform for proprietary and open-source large language models, including GPT, Llama-2, and Mistral. The platform makes it easy to train models from leading LLM providers, allowing users to fine-tune their own model and extract the maximum potential from large language models.

Some key features of Entry Point include higher quality results, faster generation, more predictable outputs, scalability, the ability to train across providers, and the option to work collaboratively with a team. Additionally, Entry Point offers a templating engine to help users iterate rapidly, and it's easy to import and export data.

Users can take advantage of Entry Point in numerous use cases, including content creation, tagging and classification, data extraction, prioritization, recommendations, fraud detection, moderation, data enrichment, and scoring and ranking.

The platform has received high praise from customers who have found it easy to use and an essential tool for fine-tuning models. For those new to fine-tuning, Entry Point offers a free LLM Fine-tuning Masterclass to help beginners learn the basics and train their first custom models.

Entry Point provides an efficient way to train, manage, and evaluate custom large language models without coding. Users can quickly fine-tune their models and achieve higher quality results, faster generation, and more predictable outputs. As a result, Entry Point can be utilized in a variety of use cases, and with the provided Masterclass, it's possible for beginners to utilize the platform to achieve their goals as well.