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Advanced platform for high-quality model creation from scratch.

Openlayer is an advanced platform designed for data scientists, ML engineers, product managers, CTOs, and domain experts to create high-quality models from scratch. With Openlayer, users can track prompts and models, test edge cases, catch errors in production, and evaluate their AI with just one line of code.

One of the key features of Openlayer is its ability to provide powerful testing, evaluation, and observability for large language models (LLMs). Users can push their workflow with just a few lines of code in Python, create tests, keep track of progress, and iterate on agents using custom workflows or direct API calls.

The platform offers automatic testing for models, allowing users to choose from a suite of data quality, drift, and performance tests that run on each version of the model and data. Real-time alerts help users monitor models in production and receive notifications via email, Slack, or in the Openlayer app.

Openlayer's track and version feature eliminates the need for disorganized folders and spreadsheets by organizing models, datasets, and prompts in a commit system for easy tracking and version comparison. The platform is developer-first, with a 60-second onboarding process, commit-style versioning, and seamless notifications to keep users informed without disrupting their workflow.

Security is a top priority, with SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform and on-premise hosting options available for users to secure their data and infrastructure. Additionally, users can join the Openlayer community on Discord for hands-on support and access to documentation, setup instructions, walkthrough tutorials, and API reference.

Test your AI for free with Openlayer and gain insights to ship with confidence in your AI projects. Join the Openlayer community today and streamline the evaluation and analysis of your models for continuous improvement in AI.