AI training model


Boost AI, control costs, preserve privacy with Granica platform.

Granica is a leading Training Data Platform that empowers AI teams to build better AI solutions safely, efficiently, and effectively. By harnessing the power of next-generation training data management, Granica enables users to enhance data privacy, store and access data efficiently, and gain actionable insights into data usage.

One of the key features of Granica is its ability to detect and mask personally identifiable information (PII) in source data, ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations. Additionally, Granica offers data compression capabilities, allowing users to shrink data lake costs by up to 80% without tiering or archiving.

Granica also provides data visibility tools, enabling users to understand their data landscape and make informed decisions quickly. With deep data lake observability and outcomes-based pricing, Granica ensures that enterprise AI demands are met while adhering to SOC 2 Type 2 standards and running securely in a Virtual Private Cloud.

Trusted by industry pioneers, Granica has a proven track record of delivering results, with millions of dollars saved, petabytes of data processed, and billions of objects handled. From reducing AWS data lake costs to improving S3 API efficiency, Granica is a game changer for businesses in various sectors, including fintech, autonomous vehicles, and geospatial intelligence.

To build better AI with your data, safely, efficiently, and effectively, consider leveraging the power of Granica's Training Data Platform. Contact Granica today to get a demo and learn more about how Granica can help you boost AI, control costs, and preserve privacy in your AI projects.