AI training model


AI training platform for contact centers with realistic simulations and feedback.

Solidroad is a cutting-edge AI training platform designed to streamline hiring, onboarding, and training processes for customer-facing teams. By utilizing AI conversation simulations, Solidroad empowers representatives to perform at their best by providing realistic scenarios and effective coaching feedback.

One of the key advantages of Solidroad is its ability to revolutionize training by enhancing skills, reducing ramp times, and ultimately increasing training effectiveness. With Solidroad, businesses can expect a 50% faster speed to proficiency, a 30% higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, a 10% reduction in employee turnover, and save up to 12 hours of manager time per week.

The platform allows users to create custom role-play scenarios specific to their business needs, practice sales and support conversations with AI personas playing the role of prospects or customers, and receive instant performance feedback and coaching points. This process helps hiring managers assess candidates, onboard new hires, and continuously train and develop existing team members in a risk-free environment.

Solidroad caters to a wide range of industries, including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Enterprise, and Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB). The platform offers Pro and Enterprise plans, with pricing based on monthly hours of simulations completed.

Through features like multi-channel conversational AI, custom scenario creations, and personalized feedback, Solidroad is helping companies across various sectors improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. With easy set-up, no need for IT integrations, and a dedicated support team to assist with scenario building, Solidroad is the go-to solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer-facing teams' performance.

To learn more about how Solidroad can benefit your organization, book a demo today and empower your reps with confidence.