AI training model


Fast data acquisition for training advanced language models.

Apify offers a comprehensive platform for web scraping and data extraction, particularly for users who want to train or fine-tune large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT or LLaMA. With a range of products including Apify Store, Crawlee, and Actors, users can easily extract text content from websites and load them into vector databases for querying and prompt generation. Apify also allows users to train new models by collecting text and images from the web to generate training datasets. The platform’s domain-specific data can be used with the OpenAI fine-tuning API or other models for further development.

Apify additionally supports seamless integration with third-party tools including LangChain and LlamaIndex. The platform offers the ability to scrape entire websites and use that data to power chatbots, which provides a flexible solution for developers looking to provide better customer support and services. Apify Empowers users to summarize news and public opinion, ask questions about brand and sentiment, and improve the accuracy of chatbot responses.

To help users with their web scraping projects, Apify also offers an extensive set of code templates and allows developers to create, develop, build, and run Apify actors locally with the Apify CLI. The platform also provides specialized cloud storage for web scraping and crawling and improves web scraping performance using proxy support.

Apify is an indispensable tool for professionals looking to acquire fast and reliable data for training advanced language models. It is also a great solution for data scientists and developers who need to collect large quantities of data for their AI projects. The platform offers a range of solutions for developers while enabling users to build their AI chatbots with ease. Apify provides valuable information for users interested in learning more about AI and web scraping through a range of resources including a blog and web scraping course.