AI training model

Rex Nutribot

AI-powered health transformation tailored to your unique goals.

Discover a revolutionary approach to health and fitness with Rex, your personalized AI calorie tracker and nutrition coach. Whether you're looking to live healthier, lose weight, or build muscle, Rex is here to guide you every step of the way. Simply text Rex on WhatsApp to get started.

Rex offers a range of features to make tracking your calories and staying on top of your fitness goals easier than ever. From logging your meals by sending a photo or text message, to receiving tailored workout suggestions and daily reports with personalized feedback, Rex is like having a virtual coach in your pocket.

Forget traditional BMI calculations – with Rex's AI body scanner, you can gain valuable insights into your body's unique metrics and make informed decisions about your fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being. Join tens of thousands of others on a journey to better health and discover the science of living longer with Rex by your side.

Users have raved about their experiences with Rex, from losing weight and getting back in shape to finally being able to track their workouts and meals effortlessly. With its personalized approach and daily accountability, Rex truly feels like a personal coach that motivates and supports you every step of the way.

Sign up for Rex now and begin your health transformation. Text Rex on WhatsApp to get started, and stay tuned for bi-weekly newsletters and product updates to keep you on track. Get fit, get Rex, and embark on your journey to a healthier, happier you.