AI language translation


Improve website with AI tools for localized, dynamic text rewriting.

Framer’s AI-powered tools offer users a range of benefits to enhance their website design and content. With the best AI website builder, Framer enables users to generate new pages for advanced localization, dynamically rewrite text for better copy, and define brand tone with AI Style.

Framer’s AI Translation tool simplifies the customization of websites for a global audience. With its suite of features tailored to diverse languages and regions, Framer offers localized text and images, adaptive designs, and targeted content for each locale. Framer’s advanced AI technology also generates new pages for each locale, thereby providing a tailored experience through AI-generated content.

Text Rewrite is another powerful tool in Framer’s arsenal which uses AI to seamlessly rewrite content. This feature enhances the quality of website copy and transforms standard text into engaging, professional-grade content. Framer’s AI tools cater to all website needs from multilingual support to adaptive AI sites that resonate with diverse audiences.

With the AI Style feature, Framer offers unparalleled control over content translation. It allows users to tailor their brand's voice, incorporate essential context, and selectively exclude specific words in the translation process. Framer’s advanced AI technology, powered by the GPT-4 Turbo AI Model from OpenAI, ensures accurate and nuanced translations, making it a preferred choice as an AI website creator.

Framer’s website also offers a range of other features including design and layout, animation effects, navigation, CMS management, and SEO performance. It also supports site management and enterprise development. Additionally, Framer offers templates, a SaaS Kit, and resources such as Academy, Updates, and a Blog.

Framer’s AI-powered tools are designed for anyone seeking a user-friendly website builder with advanced capabilities. Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, Framer’s AI tools enable you to create dynamic, flexible, and multilingual websites that reach a wider and more diverse audience. Try Framer’s AI-powered tools for free today and experience the ease and efficiency of AI-driven website development.