AI language translation


Enhance English speaking with American pronunciation via real-life conversations.

ELSA Speak is a cutting-edge speech analyzer tool that utilizes AI technology to help users improve their English pronunciation. By engaging in short, interactive dialogues and receiving instant feedback, users can enhance their speaking skills in a fun and effective way.

One of the key advantages of ELSA Speak is its ability to provide detailed feedback on pronunciation, intonation, and fluency, allowing users to pinpoint areas for improvement. The platform also offers a proficiency assessment test to help users identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as personalized lesson plans based on individual performance data.

Through engaging games and a wide range of relevant topics, users can practice all 44 English language sounds while exploring fun content related to business, travel, school, and more. Additionally, ELSA's AI coach offers real-time feedback and helps users stay focused and motivated on their language learning journey.

ELSA's intelligent, adaptive learning platform continuously evolves to personalize the learning experience for each user. With over 1.6 million satisfied users and a 4.8-star rating on average, ELSA Speak is a trusted tool for improving English proficiency and boosting confidence in speaking the language.

Whether you are an individual looking to enhance your English skills or a business or school seeking to improve English proficiency among your employees or students, ELSA Speak offers tailored solutions to meet your language learning needs. With a focus on real-life conversations and American pronunciation, ELSA Speak is a valuable tool for anyone looking to speak English confidently and fluently.