AI language translation


AI translation for meetings, calls, and chats in 100+ languages.

Byrdhouse is an AI-powered platform that offers real-time translation for meetings, calls, and chats in over 100 languages. It aims to connect people from different language backgrounds, facilitating communication and collaboration seamlessly. Here are some key features and advantages of using Byrdhouse:

### Main Functions:

- Instant and accurate AI-powered real-time translation for voice and captions.
- Automated meeting notes and transcription in multiple languages.
- Inclusive culture building by ensuring everyone's voice is heard, regardless of their language.

### Advantages:

- Facilitates communication with global teammates and international partners.
- Reduces interruptions from note-taking during conversations and meetings.
- Builds a workplace that is inclusive and respects diverse languages and cultures.

### Features:

- Voice-to-text translation and transcription.
- Accent and dialect coverage.
- Profanity detection.
- Meeting transcript and recording.
- Voice-to-voice translation for over 100 languages and dialects.
- A-Z technical support.

### Usage Scenarios:

- For individual use in video and audio calls requiring real-time translation.
- For organizations with multilingual communication needs.
- For enterprises, global events, and conferences with diverse language requirements.

Byrdhouse offers different plans to cater to varying usage needs, from the Starter plan for 1:1 meetings to Enterprise solutions for large-scale events. The platform is designed to break down language barriers and foster deeper connections between individuals and teams worldwide. Try Byrdhouse today to experience seamless and efficient multilingual communication.