AI language translation


Innovative tools for seamless translation in over 100 languages.

Lingvanex is an AI-powered language technology company providing seamless translation services in over 100 languages. With a wide range of products and solutions, Lingvanex helps businesses grow by breaking language barriers in an increasingly globalized world. Here are some of the main features and advantages of Lingvanex:

Machine Translation: Translate text and documents with total security in 109 languages for a fixed price. Lingvanex uses artificial intelligence and the latest scientific researches to deliver best-in-class translation quality.

Speech Recognition: Get transcripts of speech with clear punctuation and timestamps in 91 languages. Lingvanex utilizes optimized deep learning algorithms to achieve the highest possible accuracy in speech recognition.

Generative AI: Utilize customized service for your enterprise. Lingvanex offers services like chatbot development, data augmentation, and content summarization to help businesses achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Unlimited service for a fixed price: Lingvanex provide cloud, SDK, and on-premise translation solutions with total security. All data stays within the company infrastructure and Lingvanex offers fast integration in Linux, Windows, Mac OS, web, and mobile platforms.

Easy Integration: Lingvanex offers fast integration in your products on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, web, and mobile platforms. Its cloud API and mobile SDK are designed to help developers seamlessly integrate Lingvanex’s translation capabilities in their products.

Translation Quality Reports: Lingvanex maintains a translation quality report that keeps clients up-to-date on its latest technology advancements and improvements.

Lingvanex is trusted by over 200 companies and provides products such as translation servers, mobile SDK, and browser extensions. It also provides applications like Translator for iOS, macOS, Windows, and Browsers as well as for Facebook, Slack, and Telegram. Lingvanex's legal documentation includes the terms of service, privacy policy, cookies policy, and imprint.