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Product managers utilize AI for customer interviews analysis and opportunities.

Tagļ¼š is a platform that accelerates product discovery through AI-powered customer interview analysis. By analyzing interviews as well as expert research, helps businesses understand their customers better and uncover new opportunities.

The platform offers various functions and advantages to enhance the user experience. One of the main features is customizable accessibility options, including voice-activated controls, adjustable text options for subtitles and menus, and audio descriptions for visually impaired individuals. This ensures that users of all abilities can fully enjoy the content. also focuses on providing personalized recommendations to users. It offers sub-genre recommendations and smart playlists for different types of content and viewing times. The platform helps users keep track of complex series by providing on-demand recap tools and character guides for shows with complicated casts. Additionally, it ensures that the recommendation algorithm is unaffected by shared account usage.

The platform also caters to the needs of researchers and data scientists. It allows them to analyze unlimited interviews, synthesize themes across interviews, and build custom reports with contextual chat. This helps businesses gain insights from customer feedback and make informed decisions. is trusted by teams that prioritize continuous learning from their customers. The Professional plan offers features such as managing a research library, analyzing interviews, synthesizing themes, and building custom reports. For more advanced needs, the Enterprise+ plan offers dedicated support, single sign-on, custom integrations, and fractional Product Discovery services.

To get started with, users can sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo. They can also join the platform's newsletter and Slack community for the latest updates and insights.

Overall, is a powerful AI platform that helps businesses accelerate their product discovery process by analyzing customer interviews and providing valuable insights.