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Subscription service offering book summaries in various formats for improvement.

Readshark is a subscription service that offers book summaries in different formats to improve personal and professional growth. The service takes the best-selling business and personal development books and summarizes the big ideas into 15 minute videos, audios, and texts. With hundreds of summaries available, users can easily learn from top authors and thinkers in less than 15 minutes and expand their knowledge on various topics, including leadership, sales, personal development, communication, and management.

Readshark is designed for individuals who believe in growing and expanding their knowledge but do not have the necessary time to read helpful books. The website is an efficient way to learn from top authors and thinkers in less than 15 minutes. Readshark's members consist of CEOs, founders, GMs, B2B sales professionals, leaders of fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs looking to further grow their businesses.

Users can access exclusive summaries in video, audio, and text format, giving users the convenience to absorb content that best suits their learning preferences. The website's collection features only the most powerful books from handpicked authors that are guaranteed to immediately improve work and social life.

Readshark offers two subscription services: Readshark Premium and Readshark Business. Readshark Premium includes unlimited access to the ever-growing Premium collection of book summaries in text, audio, and/or video format for $29.97 USD per month after 7 days, and users can cancel at any time. Readshark Business members get team access to Readshark Premium, Readshark Platform customization, and the ability to create and host internal knowledge base and courses.

Overall, Readshark's main advantages are offering convenient, efficient, and effective learning methods to expand users' knowledge on various topics that cater to personal and professional growth. Users can access hundreds of book summaries of handpicked authors in different formats to improve their skills, and the subscriptions offer affordable and customizable access.