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Personalized AI flashcards provide feedback from various sources for learning.

Wisdolia is an online studying platform that offers personalized AI flashcards, multiple-choice question generators, and image occlusion tools to help students prepare for exams quickly and effectively. It has been used and loved by over 200,000 students worldwide.

One of the most popular features of Wisdolia is the AI flashcard generator that can turn any type of material and in any language into personalized study cards. It supports various formats like lecture slide decks, PDFs, web pages, PowerPoint, YouTube videos, textbooks, study guides, notes, and even diagrams. Students can learn at their own pace and review the material as many times as they need to feel confident about their knowledge.

Another valuable feature of Wisdolia is the multiple-choice question generator. This tool can create an unlimited amount of questions and customized quizzes based on specific topics or exam formats. This feature saves students a lot of time as they don't need to create questions themselves and can focus on studying only.

Wisdolia also offers an AI image occlusion feature that converts diagrams into interactive study cards. This feature helps students memorize complex images or diagrams by hiding or revealing specific parts, allowing them to test their knowledge and evaluate their progress.

The platform aims to save students hours of study time and help them get excellent grades in a stress-free environment. It offers various use cases, including AI multiple-choice question generator, AI quiz generator, and AI image occlusion tools that complement university and high school curriculums.

Overall, Wisdolia is an excellent resource for students who want to improve their exam scores, learn faster, and save time while studying. The website prioritizes its users' privacy and security with its strict privacy policy and terms of service. It also provides affordable pricing options, making it accessible for students on a tight budget.