AI development framework


Enhance gaming experience with evolving worlds, dynamic NPCs, innovative mechanics.

Inworld AI offers cutting-edge AI voices now available in a standalone text-to-speech API, allowing users to enhance their gaming experience with evolving worlds, dynamic NPCs, and innovative game mechanics. The platform helps game developers unlock novel gameplay, create content at scale, improve player immersion, and future-proof their AI infrastructure.

### Key Features:

1. **Real-Time AI:** The Inworld Engine enables game developers to create next-generation games with dynamic game states, novel gameplay mechanics, and AI agents that enhance NPC interactions.

2. **Content Creation:** Inworld Studio streamlines game design and development processes by leveraging AI to facilitate workflows, allowing developers to focus on creating captivating content.

3. **AI Infrastructure:** Inworld Core offers custom solutions for AI infrastructure, including in-house ML training, on-device integrations, security, and custom models, ensuring that tech stacks are future-proofed.

### Advantages:

- Drive player engagement and increase revenue by leveraging AI-powered NPCs.
- Impact core game loops and drive engaging gameplay experiences.
- Enhance player immersion and increase session length and retention rates.

### Usage Scenarios:

- **Neo NPCs:** Collaborating with Ubisoft, Inworld powers NPC reasoning, cognition, and real-time perception, offering new gameplay strategies and emergent storytelling opportunities.
- **Covert Protocol:** Implementing digital humans as critical elements in the game, Covert Protocol pushes the boundaries of NPC interaction and narrative development.
- **Narrative Graph:** Developed with Microsoft, Narrative Graph offers a framework for interactive storytelling, allowing for real-time ideation and exploration of new storylines.

Whether you are an indie developer exploring new AI-powered gameplay possibilities or a major studio looking to revolutionize your gaming experiences, Inworld AI provides the tools and technology to take your games to the next level. Try Inworld for free and start creating immersive, dynamic, and engaging gaming experiences today.