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Suite offers tools for digital media with blockchain and C2PA.

Capture is an all-in-one suite of tools designed to offer users content verification, copyright protection, and monetization for their digital media. This suite includes four main products: Capture SDK, Capture Eye, Capture Dashboard, and Capture Cam.

Capture SDK is a comprehensive API suite designed to seamlessly integrate content provenance into users' applications. It supports C2PA content credential, interoperable asset tracking with ERC-7053, seamless NFT minting, and is compatible with numerous server languages.

Capture Eye is a simple widget that can be easily integrated into a user's website to unlock new revenue streams and allow visitors to verify content provenance with ease. It includes content credential pin plus, provenance and authenticity, direct NFT licensing flow, and verification of content history.

Capture Dashboard is a free-to-use online platform designed for creating content provenance with ease. The Showcase feature is ideal for individuals and small teams looking to publish and monetize their work. It includes decentralized storage, creating content with C2PA credential, custom Showcase page, and monetization, mint + sell assets.

Capture Cam is a secure blockchain camera technology that captures, signs, and seals critical details in every photo or video, such as date, time, location, and the true pixels captured. It includes authentic images and photos, protect integrity with metadata signatures, transparent content history, and one-click to mint NFTs.

The suite offers solutions for various industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Creativity and Art, Institutions and Prevention, and News Media. It also caters to job roles such as Design and Creative, IT and Digital Innovation, Journalists and Reporters, Legal, and Marketing.

In today's rapidly evolving digital & AI landscape, establishing trust and ownership for digital assets has never been more difficult. Digital provenance is pivotal in identifying and tracking the spread of false information, ensuring the authenticity of AI models, and verifying their integrity, particularly in preventing misinformation and disinformation.

Capture is trusted by various organizations, including Reuters, to promote transparency and provide a record of the origin, ownership, and authenticity of digital assets. It is powered by Numbers Protocol and © EssenceEstimate OÜ.