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Social NeoBank using decentralized tech to innovate Fintech and web3 adoption.

Beepo is a decentralized social neobank that aims to simplify Web3 access for businesses and creators through DeFi, Multiparty Computation, and decentralized protocols. With over 1,000 active users, Beepo provides a user-friendly platform for individuals to start their Web3 journey.

One of the unique features of Beepo is its Sales Catalogue for SMEs and freelancers. This feature allows small businesses to boost their growth by showcasing their products in the Sales Catalog. Customers can make direct, token-based purchases through direct messages, creating a seamless customer experience.

Another unique feature is the XMTP powered communication with Inchat Transaction. Users can enjoy web3's end-to-end encryption and use Inchat Transactions for secure and convenient value sharing in private messages.

Beepo also offers a non-custodial, Multiparty Computation web3 wallet. This wallet delivers the full web3 experience without compromise, providing a seamless and secure interface for all web3 activities.

The primary goal of Beepo is to facilitate the widespread adoption of blockchain technology by offering a user-friendly gateway to Web3. Through cutting-edge MPC algorithms and a seamless ZK onboarding process, Beepo aims to make the transition to web3 hassle-free for users without any prior web3 knowledge.

Beepo's app offers several advantages, including support for creators, a privacy-focused approach, decentralization, transparency, a user-friendly interface, and secure communication.

The app is designed for businesses as well, allowing users to track and manage their business sales through various professional functionalities and reliable tools. The Sales Catalogue feature enables businesses to showcase their services and products, while sales analytics provide real-time insights into catalog visits and product sales.

Beepo has received positive reviews from users and community members who appreciate its innovative approach to web3 and its ease of use.

Overall, Beepo is a social neobank that combines decentralized technology with fintech innovation and web3 adoption. It offers a range of features and functionalities to support businesses, creators, and individuals in their web3 journey.