AI development framework


Convert product workflows to interactive content on one platform, free.

Welcome to our website! As a professional commentator in the field of AI, I am excited to share with you the main functions, advantages, features, and usage scenarios of this website.

Our website offers a comprehensive platform that allows users to create interactive content for sales enablement. With our platform, you can easily create interactive demos, step-by-step guides, and explainer videos to educate your buyers and drive sales success.

Here are the key capabilities of our platform:

1. Capture: With our screen recording tool, you can easily capture your product workflows and create interactive demos.

2. Customize: Personalize your interactive content by customizing the design, layout, and branding to match your brand identity.

3. Branding: Add your own branding elements, such as logo and color scheme, to make your interactive content consistent with your brand.

4. AI Voiceover: Our platform uses AI technology to provide multi-lingual voiceovers for your interactive content, making it accessible to a global audience.

Our platform offers several solutions tailored to different stages of the buyer's journey:

1. Buyer education: Use interactive demos and guides to showcase the value of your product to potential buyers.

2. Sales enablement: Drive conversion by providing personalized and interactive content to prospects.

3. Customer activation: Help customers reach the "aha moment" quickly and maximize the value of your product.

4. Customer enablement: Continuously educate your customers on new releases and features to ensure their success.

In addition to the platform and solutions, we provide a wide range of resources to support your journey:

- FloGPT: Our AI-powered tool that helps you generate high-quality content.

- Changelog: Stay up-to-date with the latest updates and improvements to our platform.

- Help Center: Find answers to your questions and get support from our knowledgeable team.

- Webinar Hub: Join our webinars to learn more about sales enablement and