AI language translation


Instantly translate texts & documents accurately for individuals and teams.

DeepL is a leading AI-based language translation tool designed to break down language barriers for individuals and businesses alike. With millions of users translating every day, DeepL offers numerous features and advantages that make it stand out from the competition. Its translation tool is quick, accurate, and nuanced, with translations often reading more fluently than those offered by other competitors such as Google Translate.

DeepL offers multiple translation modes, including translating text from 32 languages and translating files in PDF, Word (.docx), and PowerPoint (.pptx) formats. DeepL's document translator enables users to drag and drop files into the platform for instant translation. Furthermore, DeepL Write offers AI-powered editing that helps users fix grammar and punctuation mistakes, rephrase sentences, express nuances, and find their perfect tone of voice.

DeepL's features come in two versions, i.e., the free version and DeepL Pro, which enables users to unlock the platform's full potential. DeepL Pro offers maximum data security, unlimited text translation, translation of more documents, and more glossary entries. Additionally, DeepL has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, a Chrome extension, and an integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

DeepL has been featured in numerous publications, including TechCrunch, Wired,, and Le Monde, and described as outperforming other services in many cases, thanks to more accurately capturing the meaning of sentences than other competitors. Many of these publications have highlighted the quality of translations of French text offered by DeepL when compared to Google Translate.

DeepL has also been valuable in helping businesses translate their content on the global market. With its API, businesses can integrate DeepL's translation services directly into their content management systems for streamlined content localization. DeepL offers custom translation solutions for businesses of all sizes, making it a practical tool for both individuals and teams.

In conclusion, DeepL is an innovative and powerful AI-based language translation tool that provides accurate translations and is available for individuals and companies. Its features, advantages, and usage cases make it a go-to platform for any person or business with translation needs.