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100DaysOfAI Challenge

AI skills learned in 100 days with daily short lessons.

Welcome to #100DaysOfAI, where you can upskill your team with AI knowledge in just 30 minutes a day. Our daily bitesized lessons will guide you through the world of AI, starting on January 1st. Join the 1334 others who are already on their AI learning journey!

Each day, you will embark on a mini learning exercise to level up your AI skills. From intelligent journals to AI-powered mobile apps, you will explore the endless applications of AI in your everyday life. Say goodbye to feeling lost when tech jargon is thrown around - after completing our lessons, you'll understand AGI's, LLM's, NLP, and more.

Our goal is to help you become part of the 2% who not only know what AI can do but also actively use it to build cool projects and streamline tedious tasks. No more feeling anxious or overwhelmed by AI - we will demystify its potential and show you how to apply it in practical ways.

Created by Max and powered by the 100 School, #100DaysOfAI is a transformative journey designed to make learning AI enjoyable and productive. By dedicating just 30 minutes a day to our lessons, you can stay up to date with the latest AI trends and incorporate them into your work and personal projects.

Join us on this exciting AI adventure and see how easy it is to become an AI expert in just 100 days. Start learning with us today!