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AI-powered study platform with quiz, flashcards, chat, and more features.

Tagļ¼š is an all-in-one study platform powered by AI that offers a wide range of features to enhance your learning experience. With tools like the AI Summarizer, Flashcard Maker, Quiz Generator, and AI Chat with Files, provides a comprehensive solution for creating personalized study materials quickly and efficiently.

One of the key advantages of is its ability to help you study smarter, not harder. The platform offers scientifically proven practice modes like spaced repetition and timed exam simulations to reinforce key concepts and improve retention. The AI Tutor feature provides personalized learning support, offering tailored explanations and guidance to help tackle difficult topics.

Whether you are a student looking to prepare for exams, a teacher seeking to engage your students, or a professional aiming to upskill, is designed to meet your needs. Users can upload any study material, from articles to videos, and easily create summaries, quizzes, and flashcards in seconds. The platform is loved by over 100,000 students globally and has received positive feedback from users who have transformed their learning with offers various pricing plans, including a free basic plan with limited features and premium plans with unlimited study spaces, tokens, AI chats, storage, and more. With stringent data protection measures and advanced encryption, ensures the security and privacy of your personal and study information.

By bringing all the study tools you need into one platform, eliminates the need to juggle multiple subscriptions. The platform is constantly evolving, with plans to launch a mobile app that will support all features available on the web app. Explore a world of learning made simple with and transform your learning experience today.