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Learn from successful students, receive personalized admissions advice, talk experts.

Borderless is a website that helps students from Eastern Asia to achieve their dreams of studying abroad by offering guidance, expert advice, and personalized admissions services. The website features stories of successful applicants from different parts of the world, who have studied at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, NYU, among others. These stories provide readers with insights, first-hand application advice, and real journeys of international students like them.

Borderless also offers admissions guidance services, which aim to assist international students in gaining admission to undergraduate programs at universities in the USA. The website provides step-by-step guidance through every single step of the application process, ensuring that students are never lost or confused. Additionally, Borderless offers unlimited expert advice from Veronica Lee, an NYU Alumna, who answers every single question, providing detailed answers and expert opinions.

The website also offers recommendation services for universities and scholarships while helping students assess and review their personal statements, supplemental essays, and extracurricular activities. Borderless resources have already helped students get into renowned universities such as Franklin & Marshall College, Emory University, and University of Pennsylvania.

Borderless is a one-stop-shop where students can learn from successful international students, get personalized admissions advice, and talk to admissions experts. The website is designed to provide in-depth, tailored support to international students, ensuring they achieve their dreams of studying at prestigious universities abroad. Registering on the website is free, and users get access to all its resources. Whether you're from Kazakhstan, Burundi, Armenia, Brazil, Russia, or anywhere else in the world, Borderless is here to help you achieve your dreams and take your academic journey to the next level.