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Efficiently transcribe voice notes into actionable text in multiple languages.

Talknotes is a revolutionary voice note app that offers users a powerful tool for converting recorded audio into written text. As an AI-powered app, Talknotes transcribes, cleans up, and organizes recorded voice notes, turning hours of note-taking into minutes. With Talknotes, users eliminate the need for manual note-taking, allowing them to speak their thoughts and ideas naturally while the app takes care of everything else. Talknotes is available on Web, iOS, and Android, and supports over 50 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Russian.

Talknotes allows users to choose from over 100 premade styles, including transcripts, task lists, journals, blogs, video scripts, and newsletters. The app gives users the freedom to edit and organize their content using a markdown editor, and export their notes to other apps like Zapier, PDF or Markdown. Users can even share their notes via a public link.

Talknotes has many use cases. It is ideal for effortless brainstorming, easy content creation, voice journaling, interview transcription, meetings reimagined, and faster learning. Users can also create custom instructions for the app to follow, and enjoy unlimited notes and 20-minutes recordings with Talknotes +. Trusted by over 10,000 happy users, Talknotes is user-friendly, efficient, and accurate.

The pricing plan for Talknotes + is competitive, offering a year of access to the app for $69, a price that is set to increase soon. The app has an FAQ section that addresses common questions users might have, with support available via live chat or email. There is even an affiliate program available, offering more rewards for users who refer their friends. Talknotes is a must-have app for anyone seeking to streamline their note-taking process and convert their ramblings into useful content.