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Laxis improves team performance with award-winning transcription technology.

Laxis is an AI Meeting Assistant that aims to maximize every customer conversation and improve team performance. With its revolutionary technology, Laxis captures and distills key insights from customer interactions effortlessly. It offers seamless integration across platforms, from online meetings to CRM updates, all with a user-friendly interface.

One of the main features of Laxis is its ability to take notes during meetings, allowing users to stay focused on the conversation. It captures each attendee's comments verbatim and even flags items for follow-up. Additionally, Laxis can auto-generate meeting summaries and follow-up emails in seconds, saving time and ensuring that valuable details are not missed.

This AI Meeting Assistant also helps users unlock valuable insights across conversations. It extracts relevant insights from each meeting or across a set of interviews. Users can ask Laxis questions that provide immediate answers based on prior conversations, improving research efficiency and getting to the "aha!" moment faster.

For users who communicate across borders, Laxis offers the ability to choose their preferred language and enjoy accurate real-time transcriptions of meetings. Users can ask questions and receive answers in their selected language, using insights drawn from past discussions. This feature is particularly useful for supporting international business strategies by maintaining detailed records of multilingual interactions.

Laxis is a versatile tool that caters to various professionals. Sales teams can close more deals with AI note-taking and insights from client conversations. Business development professionals can engage prospects more effectively and grow their business faster. Marketers can repurpose podcasts, webinars, and meetings into engaging content with a single click. Product and market researchers can conduct better research interviews that lead to important discoveries. Project managers can remember key takeaways and capture them for progress reports. Product and UX designers can capture and organize insights from interviews and user research.

Laxis has received recognition and trust from over 35,000 business professionals across 3,000 organizations. It processes over 150,000 meetings per month, generating 31 million words per month. Users have reported saving up to 5 hours per person each week and have praised Laxis for its ability to save time, gather intelligence, and accelerate growth.

In conclusion, Laxis is an AI Meeting Assistant that offers a range of functions and advantages to improve team performance. Its features include note-taking, meeting summaries, insights extraction, multilingual communication, and more. It caters to professionals in sales, business development, marketing, research, project management, and design. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration, Laxis aims to enhance customer conversations and boost productivity.