AI programming tools


Empower developers with knowledge for coding, bug fixing, and updates.

Swimm is an AI coding assistant that provides developers with the fastest way to understand code. It helps developers explore code, investigate bugs, and modernize legacy systems. With Swimm, developers can ask questions right in their Integrated Development Environment (IDE) without switching context or scrolling through endless chat threads. They get accurate and relevant answers immediately, thanks to Swimm's internal knowledge combined with codebase analysis.

Swimm allows developers to capture and fill in knowledge gaps by easily creating new documents, rewriting existing ones, or summarizing information. The documentation is synced to code with an algorithm that verifies and updates documentation on pull requests, keeping the information accurate and up-to-date. Swimm also generates automated pull request summaries, saving time and enhancing communication and code review efficiency.

Using Swimm has proven to transform developer productivity. It has resulted in a 50% increase in productivity by eliminating the need for developers to search for information and reducing the time spent answering questions by 75%. Swimm also enables faster onboarding of new developers, vendors, or existing developers moving to new projects, with a 2x increase in speed.

Swimm's AI-powered knowledge discovery rules and analytics provide recommendations for document discovery rules, allowing proactive sharing of best practices with developers. Code knowledge analytics help connect developer actions to business value and analyze the impact of code understanding on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Swimm is integrated into the team's tech stack and ensures security by not storing any code or documents on its servers. It connects to repositories using Single Sign-On (SSO) and maintains the same access control levels already in place. Swimm is SOC 2 and ISO27001 compliant and provides advanced security controls such as auditing, change control, logging, monitoring, and usage analytics capabilities.

By using Swimm, organizations can prevent productivity loss, improve code quality, reduce production-level issues, and build a culture of documentation within their software organizations. Swimm enhances code relevance and accuracy by leveraging documentation and AI capabilities. It also serves as a knowledge layer for other AI coding assistants,