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Software companies' data assistant for better decision-making.

Querio is a powerful data assistant software designed to help businesses make better decisions. This website allows users to create reports, explore data, and answer questions 20 times faster. With Querio, users can measure feature outcomes, report with ease, and explore data purposefully. Its instant data analytics capability quickly provides key insights that fuel informed decision-making.

One of the main advantages of using Querio is that its users do eight hours less data work per week, resulting in $31k in savings per Product Manager/year. It delivers reliable results that are consistent and accurate without the need to train on your data.

Querio ensures complete confidentiality and security with its robust encryption in transit and at rest. Users can trust that their data privacy is secured, and the data is not stored, shared, or used for model training. By exposing the underlying SQL and Python of the results for the team's review and confidence, users can trust that the platform provides transparency.

Querio bridges the gap within the product teams and provides a centralized data source, consistent metrics definitions, and shared data access for a truly collaborative environment. With its awesome features, Querio is trusted by different companies, including Glovo, Mercury Data, Kinnovis, and Universal Marketing.

In conclusion, Querio is a reliable, trusted, and efficient data assistant software designed to produce accurate results and fuel business outcomes. It offers a more efficient way of handling data and creating reports, helping businesses save time and resources to make better-informed decisions.