AI content detection


Efficient news consumption without distractions or clickbait.

Otherweb is a public-benefit corporation offering a streamlined, clutter-free experience, aiming to provide quality, unbiased information to help people make informed decisions. The website aims to improve the quality of information people consume through using AI to filter out misinformation, propaganda, and clickbait. Otherweb's AI models and datasets are source-available to ensure transparency and that there is no hidden bias.

Otherweb's website allows users to control their feed by customizing sources, categories, and number of articles while enabling or disabling publications that they see fit. The website provides a slick user interface, allowing users to swipe, read bullet-point summaries of news articles, and get a nutrition label for each news item; all designed to save time, effort, and make reading news easier. Users can also use voice commands to control the apps, listen to news articles, comment or share articles.

The website's success is due to its unique approach to news consumption that has been praised by media experts worldwide. Otherweb is an exciting solution that provides a balanced and external view to news consumption. Through AI and innovation, Otherweb has created Marty, who summarizes news from hundreds of publications in one place, allowing users to view news from an otherworldly perspective.

Otherweb is a public-benefit corporation that seeks to make the world a better place by providing quality, unbiased information to help people make informed decisions. Through filtering out misinformation, propaganda, and clickbait, users can consume news without distractions, ads, or spam. The website is convenient and provides clarity and peace of mind. With over nine million users, Otherweb is trusted by people all over the world who want to be well-informed without interference.