AI design tools


Accelerate frontend development, integrate existing design tools, boost productivity.

Tagļ¼š is a revolutionary AI-powered tool that accelerates frontend development by converting designs into production-ready code with lightning speed. By seamlessly integrating with your existing design tools like Figma and Adobe XD, Locofy allows you to go from design to code in just one click.

With Locofy, you can convert Figma designs to code in frameworks like React, HTML/CSS, Next.js, Gatsby, and Vue for web development, as well as React Native for mobile apps. The platform offers clean, modular code with components, props, and class names, making it easy to customize and modify the code to suit your needs.

Locofy's powerful AI, LocoAI, is trained on millions of designs and products, ensuring high-quality code generation. The tool provides instant previews, responsive layouts for different screen sizes, and quick revisions for fine-tuning. You can also collaborate with your team, add actions, bind data, and share prototypes seamlessly.

The platform is designed to save developers up to 80-90% of development time, allowing them to focus on more complex problem-solving rather than repetitive tasks. Locofy is trusted by builders from startups, enterprises, agencies, non-profits, and more, who have seen significant time and efficiency gains by using the tool.

Join the community of builders who are leveraging Locofy to streamline their frontend development process and ship products 5-10 times faster. Try Locofy for free and experience the power of AI-driven design to code conversion for yourself. With Locofy, you can bring your product to market faster and more efficiently than ever before.