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Open source engineering platform for observability, metrics, and prompt management.

Langfuse is an open-source engineering platform that enables users to improve their Language Model applications (LLM) through tracing, evaluation, prompt management, datasets, and metrics. It provides teams with an array of tools that can enhance their development workflow. Langfuse is suitable for any LLM app and model and comes with software development kits (SDKs) for Python and JS/TS and native integrations for other popular libraries.

The Langfuse platform is backed by a team of developers who are committed to open-source software development. They continually update the platform with new features, and users can access the latest, including integration with OpenAI SDK, Docker images, and PostHog integration. The platform is built with security in mind, and Langfuse Cloud is compliant with various frameworks, including SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and GDPR.

Langfuse has multiple pricing plans suitable for projects of all sizes. The Hobby plan is free and includes all platform features, 50k observations/month, and community support. The Pro plan costs $59/month and includes 100k observations/month with unlimited data access, unlimited users, and dedicated support. The Team plan starts at $499/month and includes unlimited ingestion throughput, support SLAs, SSO enforcement, custom roles, and additional security and compliance features.

Langfuse is resourceful and comes with various features and integrations to improve LLM applications and the development workflow. Users can access interactive demos, documentation, video demos, changelogs, and resources such as the roadmap, pricing, self-hosting, enterprise, open-source, status, and why Langfuse. The platform is also committed to supporting team members through careers, support, and scheduling demos.