AI programming tools


Free AI tool for code completion, search, chat, supports 70+ languages.

Codeium is a free, AI-powered coding toolkit that provides developers with a range of functions to increase productivity and accelerate the software development process. Developed by Exafunction, the platform is designed to help more than 980,000 users worldwide by providing features like autocomplete, search, and chat powered by in-house models and infrastructure. Codeium supports over 70 languages and is integrated with more than 40 Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), allowing users to use their preferred IDE with the added intelligence of Codeium.

One of the platform's main features is AI-powered autocomplete, which generates code more quickly than traditional coding methods. Additionally, Codeium's intelligent search feature allows users to find files and code related to their intention using AI search algorithms. The platform also includes Codeium Chat, which provides developers with an AI-powered assistant to generate boilerplate and suggest bug fixes, among many other relevant functions, helping developers work more efficiently.

Codeium is available in three versions: Individual, Teams, and Enterprise. The Individual version is free to use and provides users with access to unlimited autocomplete, chat, and search functions. Teams have access to an advanced usage dashboard, seat management, invites, personalization, and Doc searching. Enterprise users, who receive all the features of the Teams version, have the added advantage of SaaS, self-hosted deployments, and fine-tuning on their codebase.

Codeium provides the best of both worlds, mass custom features, and rigorous data protection to help developers boost productivity and work smarter, not harder. With Codeium, developers can focus on creating and building software, knowing that their work environment is equipped with comprehensive, efficient, and free-to-use AI-powered programming tools.