AI Video Tool


Platform for creating step-by-step videos and documents instantly.

Guidde is a cutting-edge AI platform designed to help businesses create stunning how-to guides, standard operating procedures (SOPs), training materials, onboarding documents, FAQs, and feature notes quickly and easily. By leveraging the power of generative AI, Guidde allows teams to produce video documentation 11 times faster than traditional methods.

With Guidde, users can capture their workflows effortlessly by simply clicking capture on the browser extension and letting the AI do the rest. The platform automatically generates a step-by-step description of the workflow and offers over 100 different voices and languages for personalized voiceovers. Users can also design visually appealing visuals without the need for professional design skills.

One of the standout features of Guidde is its smart sharing capability, enabling users to share their guides anywhere with just a link or embed them within their organization. Trusted by users and teams of all sizes, Guidde is praised for its ability to explain complex processes in seconds with AI-generated video documentation.

Customer testimonials highlight the ease of use and efficiency that Guidde brings to creating high-quality documentation with minimal effort. From decreasing support tickets to improving onboarding processes, businesses across various industries have seen tangible results from using Guidde.

Whether you are in customer support, customer success, presales, product teams, or training agencies, Guidde offers a versatile solution to streamline your documentation processes and enhance the way you deliver information to your customers and team members. Get started with Guidde today and revolutionize the way you create and share instructional materials.