AI Video Tool


Create, edit professional videos with text easily, no tech skills needed.

Pictory is an innovative AI-powered video creation platform that allows all users to create highly engaging videos with ease. The platform is aimed at YouTubers, course creators, business professionals, content creators, teachers, content marketers, digital marketers, and educational professionals. Pictory offers a wide range of features, functions, and usage scenarios designed to make video creation easy, fast, and affordable.

One of Pictory's key features is script-to-video functionality, allowing users to create professional-quality videos from their scripts. The platform provides realistic AI voices, matching footage, and music in just a few clicks, meaning no video editing experience is required. Moreover, Pictory allows users to turn blog posts into captivating videos, making SEO optimization and reduced bounce rates incredibly achievable.

Additionally, Pictory automatically extracts highlights from Zoom, Teams, webinar, and podcast recordings, converting them into branded video snippets for social media posts. This functionality delivers custom-made videos for various social media platforms and transforms long-form videos into more engaging content.

Moreover, Pictory adds captions to videos for an increased reach and watch time, resulting in up to 12% longer view time. The platform's Teams Plan enables collaboration among colleagues from different departments and external suppliers. This scenario supports creativity and innovation by allowing the sharing of assets and ideas.

Pictory offers a range of video creation options, including script-to-video, blog-to-video, edit video using text, create video highlights, auto-caption videos, and auto-summarize long videos. The platform supports multiple usage scenarios, including YouTube creators, content marketers, learning, and development professionals, education professionals, business professionals and organizations, course creators, content creators, digital marketers, social media managers, enterprise content teams, and coaches.

In conclusion, Pictory offers an innovative and effective approach to video creation for all users. The platform is fast, scalable, and affordable, making video creation accessible to all. With a range of features, functions, and usage scenarios, Pictory provides a one-stop solution for all video creation needs.