AI content detection


AI platform fine-tunes LLMs for detecting risky content. Demo available.

CaliberAI is an advanced AI platform that specializes in protecting online brands from defamation, hate speech, doxxing, IP disclosure, climate denial, reputation damage, and other forms of risky content. With a range of solutions and products, CaliberAI helps organizations minimize their risk and maintain a positive online presence.

One of the main functions of CaliberAI is comment moderation. It enables users to protect their social media and comment feeds from defamatory or harmful user-generated content. The platform also offers article evaluation, allowing users to scan entire articles for potential risks of defamation or harm before they are published. Additionally, CaliberAI provides writing and editing assistance, detecting potentially defamatory or harmful content in near real-time with their browser extension or content management system (CMS) integration.

For organizations that need to review published and archived content, CaliberAI offers a solution that assesses the risk of legacy defamation or harm in these materials. This feature is particularly useful for media companies and publishers who want to ensure that their past content does not pose any legal risks.

CaliberAI serves a wide range of clients, including DMG Media, MCFG, Tindle Newspapers Limited, Scale Ireland, Powerscourt, The Currency, and Mediahuis. The platform is designed to cater to various industries and organizations, helping them mitigate the risks associated with defamatory and harmful content.

To achieve its functionalities, CaliberAI utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Their AI system flags high-risk content in near real-time, providing advanced warning to users. They also offer AI editing assistance, which helps editors and content creators in their tasks. The platform is fully customizable, allowing organizations to set custom thresholds tailored to their risk tolerance. Furthermore, CaliberAI offers various integrations, including browser extensions, social media plugins, and CMS integration, making it easy to incorporate into existing workflows.

For those interested in learning more about CaliberAI's solutions and how its technology can integrate with their specific technology stack and editorial workflow, they can contact the sales team at [email protected]. The platform is backed by Enterprise Ireland and Trinity College Dublin, ensuring high-quality and reliable services.

In summary, CaliberAI is an AI-powered platform that helps organizations protect their online brands from defamation and harmful content. With its range of solutions and products, advanced AI capabilities, and customizable features, CaliberAI is a valuable tool for businesses, media companies, and publishers aiming to mitigate risks and maintain a positive online reputation.