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Identify problems, build solutions, drive outcomes - product management strategy.

Tagļ¼š is a comprehensive platform that empowers product teams to capture, centralize, and analyze customer feedback in order to make informed decisions and drive revenue. With a range of features and integrations, offers a holistic solution for product discovery, strategy, and execution.

One of the key functions of is its Voice of Customer (VoC) capability. This feature allows users to gather and centralize feedback from various sources, including Slack, Intercom chats, and in-app feedback. By capturing feedback from multiple channels, users can gain a comprehensive view of customer needs and preferences. also leverages the power of AI to provide product insights. Through its AI Copilot feature, the platform analyzes customer feedback, sentiments, and revenue data to generate actionable insights. This helps product teams validate ideas, explore feedback themes, and prioritize features that have the greatest impact on revenue.

In addition, offers impact-first roadmaps that align teams and drive value. Users can build roadmaps that prioritize revenue outcomes and track the impact of each feature. The platform also provides customizable views and roadmap visibility options, allowing users to tailor their roadmaps to specific audiences.

To facilitate collaboration and streamline workflows, integrates with a range of popular tools. Users can connect with their favorite tools, such as CRM platforms and customer support tools, to bring in customer data and streamline processes.

For faster feedback loops, offers AI-powered release notes. Users can create release notes in seconds using AI, and distribute them through multiple channels. This ensures that customers are kept informed in real-time. is suitable for a variety of use cases and teams. Whether it's collecting product ideas, turning call transcripts into insights, syncing product plans with development workflows, or collaborating with customer success and sales teams, provides solutions for each scenario.

With its robust features, AI capabilities, and integrations, empowers product teams to uncover customer problems, make data-driven decisions, and build revenue-generating products. It helps teams stay customer-centric, align their strategies, and drive business outcomes.