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Boost confidence with personalized communication coaching for better speaking skills.

Yoodli is an AI-powered speech coaching tool designed to help users improve their communication skills. Similar to Grammarly, but for speech, Yoodli provides private, real-time, and judgment-free coaching to enhance the user's speaking abilities. Whether it's for a sales pitch, work presentation, job interview, or crucial conversation, Yoodli can help users ace their speaking engagements.

Trusted by some of the world's best companies, Yoodli offers users the ability to customize their conversation partner and speaking goals, as well as track their progress over time with quantifiable speaking analytics such as pacing, conciseness, sentence starters, and more. Yoodli is built by experts including world champions of public speaking, TED speakers, and thousands of speech coaches.

Yoodli operates with privacy and security in mind, with the user's speeches only visible to them and private by default. The tool is available for free and allows users to upload custom content such as PDFs, rubrics, and videos to train representatives, customize scenarios for role-play practice, and track progress over time in an aggregate, across cohorts.

Yoodli also offers enterprise-level solutions for sales enablement, corporate communications, manager training, and coaching companies. Built around the user's own method and brand voice, Yoodli auto-updates as learning content changes, providing a consistent and scalable training solution for organizations.

With additional use cases such as pitch practice, interview preparation, and online meetings, Yoodli offers a range of resources for users including a blog, case studies, glossary, coach directory, video tutorials, and sample speeches. The Yoodli team is dedicated to helping users boost their confidence with personalized coaching for better speaking skills.