AI design tools


Revolutionize web design with AI-driven User Interface technology.

UiMagic is a cutting-edge website design tool that utilizes AI technology to revolutionize the way websites are created. With UiMagic, users can experience the future of web design by harnessing the power of AI to craft stunning and personalized web designs effortlessly.

One of the key features of UiMagic is its AI-powered web design for startups. Users simply need to submit their vision, and the AI will craft the perfect web design landing page directly to Figma. With over 2500 generated web designs, UiMagic has already garnered praise from customers like Adam Grecnar, Sofian Hidbani, and Jakub Manak, who have highlighted the tool's intuitive interface and impressive AI capabilities.

In addition to web design, UiMagic offers AI-generated copy and illustrations to help users enhance their website content and visuals. Say goodbye to writer's block and generic stock images - UiMagic's AI technology can create high-quality copy and custom illustrations that perfectly match your web style.

UiMagic offers different pricing plans to cater to varying needs, starting from a basic plan at $5.90 to a pro plan at $17.90. By signing up for the waitlist, users can ensure serious engagement for testing while UiMagic continues to make ongoing modifications based on user feedback.

Experience the future of web design with UiMagic and unlock the potential of AI-driven User Interface technology. Join the waitlist now and revolutionize your website creation process like never before.