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Research lab focused on achieving Generalized Super Intelligence through exploration.

Welcome to the SuperAGI website, your go-to resource for all things related to Generalized Super Intelligence. Whether you're interested in researching the latest advancements in AI, exploring open-source contributions, discovering innovative apps, or connecting with a vibrant community of experts and enthusiasts, this website has you covered.

Our Product section showcases three cutting-edge solutions: Agent Framework, SuperCoder, and Autonode. These tools are designed to empower users with the power of AI, enabling them to harness the capabilities of Generalized Super Intelligence for various applications.

In the Research section, we highlight our dedicated research lab, focused on achieving Generalized Super Intelligence through exploration. Our team works on a wide range of technical areas, including Neurosymbolic AI, Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems, Recursive Self-Improvement Systems, and more. Stay updated with our latest research publications and advancements in the field.

Our commitment to open-source is exemplified in the Open-source section, where we invite users to explore and contribute to our open-source models, frameworks, and datasets. Join a community-driven movement that aims to make intelligence truly open and accessible to all.

Discover powerful apps built on the Super AGI framework in the Apps section. From Verk, a platform to hire AI employees, to Contlo, an AI Marketing Platform, to Ric AI, a software testing application, these apps showcase the versatility and potential of Generalized Super Intelligence.

Don't miss out on the latest events and conferences in the AI field. Stay informed about upcoming events like AGI Leap Summit '24, where researchers can showcase their contributions in the field of AGI.

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