AI design tools


Tool to create websites quickly and easily without coding.

STUDIO is a powerful website builder designed specifically for designers. With over 400k designers and counting, it is the go-to tool for turning any creative idea into a stunning website, without the need for coding.

The main features of STUDIO include:

1. Design Editor: With a powerful yet intuitive UI, designers can easily create custom layouts and transform their creative vision into reality. From pixel-perfect adjustments to dynamic animations, the design editor provides all the tools necessary to bring your ideas to life.

2. CMS without mess: Collaborate on content creation in one central location. Edit collaboratively in real-time and publish your content at any time. No more messy back-and-forth communication, everything is streamlined in one place.

3. One-click Publishing: Easily publish your designs as live websites with just one click. STUDIO takes care of all the coding and server setup, so you can focus on creating amazing designs.

4. Customizable Forms: Engage your visitors with stunning, customized forms. Add animations, colors, and more to go beyond generic templates and create a unique user experience.

5. SEO Control: Optimizing your website for search engines has never been easier. Tailor your SEO settings for each piece of content, auto generate sitemaps, and more to improve your website's visibility.

6. Lottie Power: Add immersive animations to your designs using Lottie files. Easily import and incorporate these animations to make your website more dynamic and engaging.

7. Figma Integration: Bring your existing designs from Figma into STUDIO. Watch breakpoints automatically generated, and publish your designs as live websites with just a few clicks.

STUDIO is not just a website builder, it is a new era in design tools. Powered by AI, STUDIO can read and understand your designs, allowing you to perform complex actions with just a single line of feedback.

With a wide selection of templates created by award-winning designers, fully customizable without writing any code, STUDIO provides everything you need to create a professional and visually stunning website. Get started for free and say hello to your new site with STUDIO.