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Spellar AI

AI-powered meeting assistant enhances communication and tracks tasks for remote work.

Speaking Copilot is an AI-driven speaking assistant called Spellar, designed to enhance your speaking skills and boost your productivity. With a wide range of functions and features, this website provides personalized feedback and insights to help you improve your speech and communication abilities.

One of the key features of Speaking Copilot is AI-integrated meetings with full context. The AI Meeting Copilot analyzes your real-life speech during meetings and provides personalized insights, helping you identify areas for improvement. Additionally, it offers an advanced meeting summary feature, automatically generating meeting notes and summaries, including action items, key points, and task traction.

With Speaking Copilot, you never have to worry about missing a meeting. It provides easy access to upcoming meetings using a widget or the Spellar menu bar, ensuring that you stay on top of your schedule.

Another advantage of Speaking Copilot is its ability to help you improve your English. It offers personalized recommendations to enhance your pronunciation and extend your active vocabulary, making it an invaluable tool for language learners and professionals looking to refine their communication skills.

The website also emphasizes its seamless integration, ensuring that its AI recording functionalities do not disrupt your meetings or take up valuable screen space. It can be used in various scenarios, from big professional meetings to personal practice sessions.

Privacy is a top priority for Speaking Copilot, utilizing a privacy-centric approach to protect your information. You can rest easy knowing that your data is highly protected and entirely under your control.

In addition to its main features, the Speaking Copilot website also offers various resources and opportunities to join the community, subscribe to updates, and provide feedback. There are also partnerships and supporter opportunities available for those interested in collaborating with Spellar.

Overall, Speaking Copilot is an AI-powered meeting assistant that enhances communication, provides personalized feedback, and tracks tasks for remote work. Whether you're looking to improve your speaking skills or streamline your meetings, this website offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to help you achieve your goals.