AI design tools


Instantly create branded visual designs with Sivi's AI models.

Sivi Gen-2 is an advanced generative AI model for design that offers several functions, advantages, features, and usage scenarios for users. This website is a platform where users can harness the power of Sivi to create visually appealing designs for their business.

One of the main advantages of using Sivi Gen-2 is its ability to instantly generate graphic designs with finer design style control. Users can easily create product banners, display ads, YouTube thumbnails, and more in over 72 languages. Sivi's advanced colorizer and groundbreaking features allow users to have full control over the design process, resulting in high-quality and customized designs.

Unlike traditional design tools like Canva, Sivi goes beyond simply substituting templates with user-given content. It understands the user's content and follows the design process, creating business visuals like a human designer using generative AI. Sivi supports numerous design dimensions and generates multi-layered customizable designs, giving users the flexibility to create unique visuals that align with their brand preferences.

Sivi is not just for graphic design; it also specializes in design generation that combines text, graphics, images, brand colors, and logos. This makes it perfect for various digital marketing creatives, including display ads, YouTube thumbnails, Amazon A+ content, Twitter covers, website hero banners, and WhatsApp promotions.

Sivi has received recognition and positive feedback from users, including lead product designers, startup founders, marketers, and more. Its user-friendly interface, prompt templates, and the ability to edit content and visuals separately have received praise from users.

To use Sivi Gen-2, users can try it for free or explore the available pricing options. The website also provides additional resources such as a blog, a help center, and a press kit for users to learn more about Sivi and its features.

In summary, Sivi Gen-2 is an advanced generative AI model for design that offers users the ability to create visually stunning designs in multiple languages. With its advanced features, customization options, and focus on design generation, Sivi is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing creatives.