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At the heart of this website is Cookiebot, a tool designed to manage and control the use of cookies on websites. Cookies are small text files that enhance user experience by personalizing content, analyzing traffic, and facilitating social media features.

Key functions of Cookiebot on this website include:
- Consent selection for different types of cookies (necessary, preferences, statistics, marketing)
- Detailed information about each cookie provider and its purpose
- Enabling users to customize their cookie preferences
- Providing detailed information about the domains consent applies to
- Updating users on the latest cookie declaration

Advantages of using Cookiebot on this website:
- Ensures compliance with laws regarding cookie usage
- Allows users to have control over their privacy preferences
- Enhances transparency by providing detailed information about each cookie
- Enables customization of cookie settings based on user preferences

Key features of this website:
- Easy-to-use interface for users to manage their cookie preferences
- Detailed information about the purpose and provider of each cookie
- Comprehensive list of all cookies used on the website
- Regular updates on cookie declaration to keep users informed

Usage scenarios:
- Users can customize their cookie preferences based on their privacy concerns
- Website owners can ensure compliance with data protection regulations
- Companies can enhance transparency and build trust with users by providing detailed information about cookie usage

In summary, Cookiebot on this website plays a crucial role in managing and controlling cookies to enhance user experience, ensure compliance with regulations, and build trust with users through transparency.