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Streamline workflow and improve productivity through AI engineering platform.

Second is an AI-powered enterprise codebase maintenance platform that automates engineering tasks for software development teams. Backed by Y Combinator, Second provides automated migrations and codebase intelligence to transform code bases with ease and speed. The platform aims to empower human engineers by using AI to shift tedious, repetitive tasks to machines.

The platform features a four-step process that includes connecting to a repository, generating a plan, running the job, and getting a pull request. The process helps users quickly set up their projects, generate code change plans with precision, automate the transformation of thousands or millions of lines of code, and run jobs securely with robust security protocols and real-time monitoring.

Second also provides codebase intelligence that uses dashboards, scans, and reports to detect issues such as security vulnerabilities, slow code, fragile code, dead code, redundancies, anti-patterns, and unmaintainable code. The issues are then automatically resolved with pull requests.

The platform's enterprise-ready security is built from the ground up by security experts and includes dedicated tenant deployments, never storing or using customer code for training, and SOC 2 Type II compliance.

Users can unlock millions of dollars of lost productivity by using Second and experiencing the future of enterprise codebase maintenance today. The platform offers a comprehensive set of features for software development teams, making codebase transformation faster, more precise, more secure, and more efficient. Try Second today and streamline your workflow while improving your productivity through an AI engineering platform.