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Personalized AI based on past interactions, conversations and experiences.

Get Rewind is a revolutionary tool that offers a personalized AI assistant based on everything you've seen, said, or heard. This powerful AI assistant can help you stay organized, enhance productivity, and improve memory recall by leveraging past interactions and experiences.

Key Features:
- Screen and audio recording for meetings and notes
- Automatic summarization of meetings and conversations
- Backup and retrieval of important information
- AI assistance for drafting emails, finding details, and summarizing information
- Privacy-focused design with data stored locally on your device
- Compatibility with Mac, Windows, and wearable devices

- Save time by automating note-taking and meeting summaries
- Never lose important information with secure local backups
- Enhance productivity with personalized AI assistance for various tasks
- Improve memory recall and cognitive functions with AI augmentation
- Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is private and secure

Usage Scenarios:
- Executives can streamline meetings and communications
- Engineers can improve collaboration and knowledge management
- Sales professionals can enhance customer interactions and follow-ups
- Individuals with ADHD can benefit from memory support and task management

Join professionals like CEOs, founders, and investors who have praised Rewind for its innovative approach to AI augmentation. With a privacy-first design and customizable features, Rewind offers a unique blend of technology and human intelligence to help you work smarter, better, and faster.

Download Rewind today and experience the power of personalized AI in your daily tasks and interactions. Stay connected, organized, and efficient with your very own AI assistant by your side.