AI design tools


AI as design aid, not replacement. Easily create website structures.

Relume is an advanced AI-powered website builder that offers a range of features and benefits for designers and developers. With over 300 words, let's take a closer look at what this website can do:

One of the main advantages of Relume is its Site Builder functionality. This AI-powered tool allows users to effortlessly generate sitemaps and wireframes for marketing websites in a matter of minutes. The AI acts as a design ally, not a replacement, providing designers with a helping hand throughout the website creation process.

The Sitemap feature allows users to map out key pages and sections for any website in any industry. It helps identify the structure and flow of the website, reducing scope creep and streamlining the project from the start. Users have control over the final edit, with the ability to drag, add, edit, or remove sections to achieve the desired flow. Smart tagging features also enable users to manage sections efficiently.

Once the sitemap is created, users can easily convert it into wireframes with just one click. The AI turns the sitemap into wireframes, generating real components without any styling. This feature helps designers achieve their first draft in just minutes, making the review and approval process much smoother. Users can edit copy or add new components from the library, giving them full control over the wireframe design.

Relume also offers a UI Styleguide feature, which is currently in development. This feature allows users to drop their inspirations and watch the AI turn their wireframes into polished designs. With a ready-to-use design system, designers can save time and effort by leveraging the AI's capabilities.

The website also showcases a wide range of libraries that Relume offers, including the Webflow Library, Figma Library, React Library, and Chrome Extension. These libraries provide users with access to a wealth of components and tools that can significantly boost their productivity and speed up the website development process.

Relume has been used by over 200,000 designers and developers worldwide. The website features testimonials from various industry experts and showcases some of the websites that have been designed and built using Relume.

Overall, Relume is a powerful AI website builder that empowers designers and developers to create stunning websites in a fraction of the time. With its range of features, libraries, and collaborative tools, it is a valuable tool for professionals in the field of AI and web development.