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File manager for creatives with beautiful organization and 4TB storage.

Celebrating SF Design Week, Playbook is the world's first collaborative creative space that offers a range of functions and features for professionals in the design industry. This website provides users with a platform to organize, share, and collaborate on creative files and projects with their clients and teams.

One of the main advantages of Playbook is its visually-oriented file browsing system, which allows users to find files 10 times faster compared to traditional cloud storage platforms. It combines the functionalities of Dropbox and Pinterest, offering a more intuitive and easier way to store and locate creative work. With 4TB of starter space, Playbook provides ample storage for all types of creative files.

Additionally, Playbook offers AI-powered organization features, designed by creatives for creatives. It eliminates the need for endlessly nested folders and subfolders, providing a clutter-free environment where users can easily locate and organize their work in a way that makes sense to them.

For professional freelancers, Playbook offers features such as professional handoff and large file sharing, making it easier to collaborate with clients and share work seamlessly. Design teams can also benefit from Playbook's features, empowering brand owners to share their client work beautifully. Playbook's collaboration and editing features enable teams to gather feedback and comments efficiently, streamlining the creative workflow.

In terms of usage scenarios, Playbook is suitable for all creatives, offering features for creative project management, AI art, and prompt storage. It also provides smarter storage solutions and creative licenses. The website includes a variety of resources, including a blog, tutorials, case studies, and artist privacy and ownership information.

Trusted by teams and designers from various backgrounds, including renowned design schools, Playbook has gained popularity among over 900,000 creatives worldwide. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features have made it a go-to platform for organizing, displaying, and taking creative work to new heights.

Overall, Playbook serves as a comprehensive and innovative platform for professionals in the design industry, providing them with the tools they need to showcase their work, collaborate effectively, and manage their creative projects efficiently.