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Permar AI

AI optimizes website for higher customer conversion rates and engagement.

Permar AI is an AI-powered website optimization platform that helps businesses improve customer conversion rates and engagement. With its automation capabilities and no-code solution, entrepreneurs and marketers can easily optimize their websites without touching a single line of code.

Permar AI's features include optimization on autopilot, AI landing page generation, dynamic A/B testing, funnel pages, SEO articles, and web analytics. Through these features, businesses can generate high-converting landing pages, collect leads through quizzes and funnel pages, improve their Google ranking, and gain a clear understanding of what copy is appealing to their customers.

The platform uses reinforcement learning techniques, which dynamically adapt website optimization instead of providing static A/B tests for a fixed period. This approach typically results in an average uplift in conversion rates of 10-12% compared to static A/B tests.

Permar AI's pricing is simple and offers three packages: Basic, Plus, and PRO. The Basic package includes three landing pages, 10,000 visitors, no Permar banner, custom domain, and basic support for $49.00/monthly. The Plus package offers 10 landing pages, 50,000 visitors, custom domain, one LP audit, and premium support for $99.00/monthly. The PRO package includes 25 landing pages, 250,000 visitors, custom domain, two LP audits, and a success manager for $499.00/monthly.

Permar AI is designed for businesses of all sizes and is loved by 100+ brands. Customers have seen an average improvement in ROI of 37% and an average uplift in conversion rates of 10-12%. The platform's intuitive user interface and automation capabilities make it the operating system for conversion rate optimization.