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One app for calendars, tasks, time blocking, and scheduling.

Morgen is a time management tool that helps users streamline their calendars, tasks, time blocking, and scheduling in one app. With Morgen, users can turn to-do lists into daily action plans, drop tasks from their to-do apps and project managers into almost any calendar, and have beautifully time-blocked days.

One of the key features of Morgen is a holistic view of users' time paired with powerful automations, which helps users integrate all their calendars, including Google, Outlook, Apple, Exchange, Fastmail, and more, into one easy-to-use interface. With Morgen, users can share their availability in seconds using Open Invites, Scheduling Links, and Personalized Booking Page, and prevent scheduling conflicts using real-time availability checks across their calendars.

Morgen also has features such as a keyboard shortcut, command bar, powerful search, and quick join capabilities, which help users manage all their calendars together effortlessly. The tool's intuitive design and customizable views allow users to switch between daily planner and calendar views, customize time resolution, hours to display, among others, improving their productivity.

To optimize team scheduling, Morgen can deploy smart team scheduling, allowing users to see when their colleagues are available and reschedule internal meetings to reduce context switching for the whole team.

Morgen is committed to data security and privacy and promises never to share or sell users' data and only requesting access to data necessary for the services users choose.

Morgen is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS and has a wide range of pricing options suitable for individuals, teams, and enterprise businesses. Users can access blogs, guides, FAQs, and contact customer support on the tool's website.