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Empowering dev teams to build secure and scalable AI applications.

MindsDB is an AI platform that empowers developers to customize artificial intelligence (AI) solutions using their enterprise data. With over 200 data integrations, MindsDB allows users to seamlessly work with their existing tech stack and access a wide range of AI engines from providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, HuggingFace, and Anyscale.

The platform offers various features and functionalities to streamline AI development. Users can manage every aspect of AI models, including creation, training, fine-tuning, and version control. MindsDB also provides automation capabilities through Jobs and Triggers, allowing users to automate tasks in their AI workflows and execute specific events.

Observability is another key aspect of MindsDB, enabling users to gather insights and collect data about their AI models' performance. Scalability is a priority, as MindsDB is built with cloud-native principles, making it suitable for deployment in cloud environments.

Security is a top concern for MindsDB, as the platform connects directly to users' data sources, mitigating the risks of data leaks during the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process. Customization is a core feature, with nearly 200 integrations available for developers to create AI solutions tailored to their specific needs.

MindsDB has been trusted by developers at various companies across different industries. Case studies highlight success stories where MindsDB has helped organizations reduce costs, boost accuracy, reduce credit card chargebacks, improve customer retention, and ship ML features in just weeks.

Additionally, MindsDB prides itself on its open-source community, with a growing number of global contributors. Users can join the community to collaborate with like-minded AI practitioners.

To get started with MindsDB, users can explore the various options, including trying the MindsDB Cloud or Enterprise offerings. The platform offers extensive documentation, integrations, and support resources to assist users throughout their AI development journey.

Stay in touch with MindsDB by contacting their team, booking a demo, subscribing to their newsletter, or joining their Slack community. MindsDB also hosts webinars, providing valuable insights and updates on AI trends and technologies.

MindsDB is committed to empowering developers and organizations to build secure and scalable AI applications, ensuring that AI technology is accessible to all.