AI Audio Tools


Noise-canceling meeting recorder with transcription and summarization features.

Krisp is an AI-powered assistant for meetings and calls that offers a variety of features and benefits for individuals, teams, and enterprises. The main features include AI Noise Cancellation, Meeting Transcription, AI Meeting Notes and Summary, Meeting Recording, AI Accent Localization, and Call Center Transcription. These features aim to enhance communication clarity, automate note-taking, and improve overall productivity during meetings and calls.

For individuals and freelancers, Krisp provides distraction-free calls with clear transcriptions and meeting notes. Sales and success teams can focus on selling while the AI enhances voice quality and takes meeting notes. Hybrid teams can benefit from clear communication and solid accountability, while professional services can have consultations transcribed and summarized by AI.

For enterprise and call centers, Krisp offers solutions like AI Noise Cancellation for customer calls, AI Accent Localization for clearer communication, and Call Center Transcription for secure and real-time agent-customer conversations. These features aim to elevate customer experience, increase agent productivity, and improve overall operations within call centers and enterprises.

Krisp works seamlessly with various communication apps like Zoom, Meet, and Teams, eliminating background noise and enhancing audio quality in meetings and calls. By integrating Krisp's technology, users can experience unparalleled audio clarity, access auto-transcriptions, and generate meeting summaries and action items effortlessly.

Trusted by global brands and recognized for its noise cancellation and voice recognition capabilities, Krisp is a valuable tool for professionals seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their calls and meetings. Customers have praised Krisp for its seamless integration, clarity in audio quality, and ability to block out distracting background noises.

Overall, Krisp offers a suite of features designed to optimize communication in various scenarios, from individual consultations to large call centers, making it a versatile and valuable tool for enhancing productivity and clarity in virtual interactions.