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AI copilot transforms documents and conversations into shareable content.

Heyday is an AI copilot that transforms your documents, notes, and conversations into quotes, shareable content, and a queryable database. With Heyday, you can turn your information into insights and boost your productivity.

One of the main advantages of Heyday is that it takes care of the heavy lifting for you. It generates meeting notes, extracts insights from research, and helps you draft content by drawing from past reading and conversations. It acts as a universal assistant, writing assistant, topic assistant, and provides call recaps.

Heyday has the ability to extract insights from what you've written, read, and said. It summarizes key points and answers questions by analyzing your emails, documents, notes, conversations, and articles. This saves you from the frustration of trying to remember all the meaningful information you consume.

Unlike other AI tools like ChatGPT, Heyday creates a database of your wisdom based on your conversations and notes. It knows you and your clients, providing you with personalized and relevant insights. Additionally, Heyday integrates seamlessly with your workflow. It automatically joins your conversations and generates notes with zero clicks, and it augments your workflow by emailing you call notes and new content ideas, as well as showing you context about clients in your calendar.

Heyday ensures the security and confidentiality of your data. Your data is encrypted and can only be seen by others if you choose to share it. You can delete your data at any time, and Heyday automatically deletes your data when your free trial ends. Heyday has undergone exhaustive security reviews conducted by Zoom and Google, providing you with peace of mind.

Many professionals, including executive coaches, management consultants, and investors, love Heyday for its ability to streamline their work, improve productivity, and enhance client satisfaction.

Ready to give your brain a boost? Try Heyday for free for 14 days. It offers fast and easy setup, a 14-day free trial, and no credit card is required.

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